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I am slowly going through the life, once I run, once I drag the leg, behind the leg. I pass people ... some become close, others pass by. Some stay forever, others mark their trail and leave. I gain and lose, I learn and forget, but I keep going forward, once with joy, once, with sadness. Every day further, every day I look at the world differently, although the same eyes, although the same heart, and yet each day is different. My life is created by people, time and thoughts
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Too often we get lost on life's corners, we too often forget about the values that were once important, maybe even a moment ago. It is worth remembering what is really important. It is worth having your own rules and living according to one plan: to be honest with yourself.
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When a disrupted predictable course of the daily living is staying, we are realizing that we are as shipwrecked persons of the ship. We are trying on the open ocean to keep our balance on the poor board, not remembering where from we arrived, and not knowing, where we are drifting.:(