Rejestracja: 2015-04-13
Something ends, something begins... Lena is saying goodbye to GD. I'm gonna miss U all!
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Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro

Hold'em Live Pro
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Congratulations to the winners of the event! 4 players have just received 1 Million Chips for taking a premium place in 3 out of 5 Express Tournaments that took place between August 17 and August 21. You did great!

The lucky winners are:
  • bobopacas
  • Doce_ilusão
  • jedrusss94
Also, we are aware that during the event there were technical difficulties and not everyone could take part in additional tournaments that we created.

Therefore, anyone who has taken a premium place in 2 out of 5 tournaments receives a 50,000 Chips compensation from us.

The list of those lucky ones is:
  • *max206.
  • agentxxl3
  • bestyjka3
  • carlossan_br
  • Cool`
  • cosmin129
  • jerzy m.z
  • krica14
  • LeoGrajau
  • marti1515
  • [email protected]@uan
  • pivoine
  • Sara1977
  • schalke21
  • serafin1234
  • Tourney
  • xserda
  • ✿ Nα̲αty ✿
  • [email protected]_

Good luck at the tables,